I`ll be back

Hey Guys!

It`s have been for real a while, when I blogged my last time.

At the moment I`m quite busy but I´m sixteen now, so I really have a lot to tell you!

See you soon!

I`ll be back

My first contact with alcohol

Hey folks!
I really had no time for blogging since a long time.
Yeah but I’m 15 now and so many things had happened!
I thought about which happenings are important enough to tell you and I also don’t like to write a too long blog, so I decided to tell you tree things that happened to me in last time.

The first one is alcohol (Don’t irritate or think “Oh no! Why are you doing that with fifteen years” it has a good ending).
One of my friends celebrated her sixteenth’s birthday and you can buy drinks up to 14 % alcohol in Germany, when you become sixteen. So we drunk beer etc..
Some weeks later we met again and someone had brought Wodka (40 %) and I have tasted it and it didn’t burned in my throat – I think it didn’t, because I drunk in the summer a bottle of Tabasco and this killed me almost, but it didn’t killed me so I’m “stronger“ (If you can’t handle with shots try this, it may help) – but I recognised that I’m getting drunk for the first time in my life and it was unfortunately funny.
This happened almost every weekend again, but my mum only allowed me to drink ONE BEER! But I think she doesn’t noticed, that I drunk harder stuff.
At one day, that I’ll never forget, I drunk so much Wodka without anti-alcohol (Water or juice helps you to avoid a hangover) that I was really really dead at the next hole day and the following day too, so I had to go to my doctor, because I needed an attest.
But I never wanted that shit again.
I swore never drinking that much alcohol again.
I drunk about 150 ml Wodka, that isn’t much for an european or in general Aryans, but I’m half asian and they don’t stand that good with alcohol as Aryans do.
I wanted to go to a club last week, so we drunk a bit of mixed Wodka. I didn’t want to drink much, so I did so. I drunk about only two shots of Wodka mixed with orange juice, that’s almost nothing compared to the 150 ml pure Wodka, which I drunk. But I felt so bad, that I went home after this.
(I blog soon about my impressions of clubs and the problems in getting into, if you are under sixteen).

I’ll test, if this happens every time, when I’m drinking alcohol today.

The entry is so long, that I’ll post every Sunday 12:00 o’clock (GMT) another part of this tree “happenings“. Further more I’ll try to blog every Sunday a entry by now.

What happened to you, when you drunk alcohol at the first time? Laughing? Doing weird stuff? Or did you just vomit?

My first contact with alcohol

No fucking time…

What’s up guys?

Didn’t see you for a while…

I’m very busy, because school started. I’m in the eleventh grade now. I’ve got less time now. I wanted to go a fitness studio, but my parents forbid me (I was very angry, but they’re right). 

I try to blog some more often…

I’ll try

No fucking time…

My broken family

I think every family got their problems. And I think that a relationship has broken in every family too.

But there is a bit more chaos in my family.

You know that my parents are split up. My father married another women and they’ve got two children. The boy is eight years old and the girl is six years old.

My grandma hates my father and she won’t tell me until I’m eighteen. But I think why. My father came from another country, so he became a German citizen first, when he married my mother. And he split up and married the other women, which came from the same country quick. So he wants to be a German citizen only, maybe. He comes from a quite poor country and he grew up in the middle-middle class.

But I won’t to hear this. And absolutely not from my grandma, because she often lies and yeah. You should get told this by your parents.

My mother has a friend, since two years, who is two nine years younger than her. I didn’t like him at beginning first, but I like him now.

I thought my grandpa is my grandpa, but I was wrong. My cousin told me that my grandma split up with my real grandpa, accidently. They had got two children: My aunt (the oldest one) and my mum (she wasn’t planed actually, my grandma told that she’s an “accident”). She married a famous and intelligent doctor after the split (she and my oldest aunt are doctors also). He was the World “President” (President doesn’t fit very good, but he was the “leader” – that isn’t better too -) in his subject in medicine for four years, he wrote many books, he got many awards and he got much influence, so I was very proud (he died some years ago).

So I was more than shocked, that my real grandpa was “only” a normal doctor (he died one year before I was born). I don’t know, when my parents expected to tell me that, but we didn’t spoke about it.

My step-grandpa (the famous one) got with my grandma a daughter, which is now working for the EU, as something like a correspondent for an Asian country.

But it’ll become worse.

My aunt and my uncle split up a few years ago as well. My uncle cheated on her (the love was already gone many years ago, but it isn’t ok nevertheless) and my cousin found messages from his girlfriend (side bitch) on his phone.

He said, that he would split up from them at the end of the year anyway.

My cousin suffer under this very much. He is a ball, which is played with by my uncle and my aunt (sorry for this, maybe, bad sentence structure and grammar).

And my youngest aunt (who works for the EU) is married with a lawyer, she has a son and will get girl in a month. But she is the leader in this relationship and I think no men likes it, when the women decide and plan everything.

So we speculate, that he’ll spilt up in some years, what would be horrible, because both are working the hole day and they’re often visiting other countries, so the children would suffer under these conditions a lot.

You may think, that I’ve got a worse life, because my parents are split up and all the other stuff, but I’m used to it. I’ll never know how it’s to be in an “intact” family.

But there’s one positive aspect. If my mum forbid me something, I can play the “Daddy-would-allow/do-this-game”, so she’s forced to allow/do that in a way. I know, that’s nasty, but I only play the Dwa/dt-game rarely and I only play this when I know that it’s actually ok.

So I’m still very happy.

My broken family

The power of chilling

Chilling is one of the most important things in a teenager’s life. But chilling has side effects and chilling isn’t the same every time.

Chilling feels at the best, when you have to do a lot or you have much stress. You know that you have to be productive then, but it feels much better, when you just sit or lay down and do nothing.

But there is also a side effect, which I call “Never-Get-Up-And-Getting-Started-And-Be-Productive-Syndrome” (NGUGSABP-Syndrome). And I think everybody had the NGUGSABP-Syndrome already in his life.

And I had it very often.

Its weekend and you’re happy, that you could sleep off. You ate cosy and you think you have the whole weekend to do thinks like homework or cleaning your room. So you’ll sit in your seat, watch cheap soaps and playing with your phone till midday.

Then you’ll think “Fuck! I wasted my hole Saturday, but it’s ok, because I have to rest of the day and the whole Sunday”

But at first you have to eat lunch. But then you’re dead af, because you ate too much. So you watch TV after this, because you’re too tired.

“Oh men! I hate me and my life!” you say, when you recognised that you still watch TV and it’s already 4:33pm.

You’ll go in your room and start being productive finally. You’ll start doing your homework, but your crush is starting texting texting you then. So you’ll start texting with her. After a half hour you’ll be too lazy to get up from your bed. After this you’ll watch some silly videos on YouTube.

Your day is fucked up at this point.

The next won’t be better. So you’ll start doing your homework and cleaning your room not until 3pm.

Your homework, won’t be good and if you’ll have to pass a closure in this week, you’ll fucked up, because you didn’t learn well enough.

This is how chilling can destroy your testimony and your future.

So watch out for the NGUGSABP-Syndrome!

The power of chilling

The struggle of names

Everyone knows the struggle of names: The problems, which names have and the judgement of them.

I comment with a person, about the trains conditions in India (post: My experience in travelling) and I thought he is a men. His name is Dipti.

Later he sent a direct message on Twitter and I clicked on his account (@rainbowColums). I was surprised, that a men has hashtags like these in his description: #Beauty #Fashion #Makeup #DIY #Social #Technology and #Science.

Ok #DIY #Social #Technology and #Science are actually fitting in a men description in his Twitter account of his blog, but #Beauty #Fashion and #Makeup don’t. There are maybe some men, who blog about this, but there won’t be many.

And so became Dipti a her. I (and I think many other people too) have problems with names from other cultures and countries to decide, if it’s a male or female name.

Do you know if Xu Zin (I won’t insulting Asians) is a male or female name? I guess not.

So I’ve collected one more time a moment of embarrassment in my, sometimes, embarrassing life.

But another problem is when you pronounce names wrong. That’s embarrassing, if you meet that person at first time, especially.

Everyone judged a name or doesn’t likes a name. I hate the names: Kevin (extremely), Lydia, Chantal and almost all names with a “Y”.

There is a nomination of the word of teens of a year every year in Germany. The most people voted for “Alpha Kevin”, which means a stereotype Kevin. That’s a stupid people in general. But this word was forbidden, because they didn’t want to discriminate someone.

Did you have amberrassing moments in your life, which were caused of the struggle of names? Comment!

This entry is dedicated to Dipti, she is the reason, why I wrote this. You can find her on this website: http://www.rainbowcolumns.blogspot.in

The struggle of names

I asked Erica, if she loves me

Erica is the girl who always send hearts (for more information about her, check out my post “Love is in the air”) and which I like more than a normal person.

Yesterday I sent her this pic:

Bild für Polina I said, that she can answer all of these things with a “Yes”. But then she asked me, if she’s my crush. I answered no, but I wrote that the second, fourth, sixth and the last sentence, suits to her up. She said “Awww thanks”. But I wanted to know, if she likes me too. So I wrote after a while “I thought about it and yeah you’re my crush”. At first she was quite shocked, but then she asked, if I know the difference between “crush” and “fallen in love”.

I didn’t.

She explained me (for those he don’t know this as well: Fall in love means fall in love. But it’s difficult for me, to describe crush, because I looked up the German word for this and it’s called in English, but the word is crush. So translate crush in your language and you’ll see).

I was right, she was my crush.

I asked: “Could we come in anytime together (relationship), or are you 100% sure that this will never happen.”

She answered that I’m not her type.


I asked, which type she likes and she answered: Korean.

Ok, I really don’t look like a Korean (and I’m happy that I’m not a Korean – men will understand -), but I never heard, that European girls or women love Asian or Koreans.

But it’s ok, I can’t change her opinion and I also have a saying for this: “You learn of fails”.

I asked Erica, if she loves me